ACCURACY AND INTEGRITY As a company, we never give up our values. • Open and honest communication • Acting within the code of ethics • Fulfilling our promises

RANTABL GROWTH In order to fulfill our responsibilities to our shareholders; • Efficient work and productivity providing continuous development • Providing new products and services • Continuous new opportunities and markets research

EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION Our working power is the most important factor for our success. In order to provide a developer, educational work environment for our employees; • Keeping workplace security first • Teamwork and continuous improvement environment • Opportunities, awards and trainings to contribute to the company's growth

UNITED CITIZENSHIP To be conscious of the environment and society; • Supporting industry initiatives • Supporting the highest applicable environmental standards activities • Reliable and safe employment.


To produce and develop aluminum products that are of high quality, respect to the environment and maximize the competition in the name of the company's shareholders according to the needs of the customers.
To be a company that keeps customer and employee satisfaction first, helps the developments in the world and follows closely.
Our company; In all of its activities, customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction, and all over the world in terms of value and standards and offers products and services. Being aware of the fact that it should be a whole with its employees in order to ensure quality products and customer satisfaction, it continuously carries out training and improvement activities appropriate for the age.